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New York Times writer asks, “What’s up with evangelicals and immigration?”

I was interviewed last week by a reporter from the New York Times regarding the dramatic shift among evangelicals toward support for immigration reform.   The last time immigration reform was considered, under George W. Bush, Christians stayed on the sidelines and the process failed.  This time the mood is different.  Though lagging behind the general… Continue Reading

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There was this Indian, a black dude, and a white guy….

…and they walked into a bar. Sounds like a prelude to a bad racial joke but actually it’s a description of how I spent one night this past week.  For the sake of accuracy, we actually walked into a D.C. burger joint called Good Stuff Eatery just a block or two from the Capitol.  Our… Continue Reading

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How Unfair

G.K. Chesterton, a gifted English writer who died in 1936 observed,  “We do not need to get good laws to restrain bad people. We need to get good people to restrain us from bad laws.”  Chesterton’s statement is at least partially true of today’s debate over immigration reform.  While I would contend that laws to… Continue Reading

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